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About K9Gadget

Founded by a pair working within both the Technology and Dog industries (lucky us!) we have seen a lot of technologies for dogs come and go.

We found, overall, that technology was a great addition to owning a dog. From cameras so we can keep an eye on them if we need to pop out, to GPS tracking collars to prevent them getting lost on a hike.

From the practical to play - like their human counterparts - technology can be a wonderful thing when used correctly.

We also found that out on the market there was a lot of junk. Whether it was technology and gadgets that simply didn’t live up to the marketing spin, to tech that simply didn’t work or was, in some cases, dangerous.

That’s why we decided to set up K9Gadget.com. Think of it like a technology magazine catering for dogs. We cover the latest in doggy technology, write about the latest trends, what works and what doesn’t.

We have a lot of fun filling this site, and we hope as readers (and dog lovers) you will too!


For our reviews and guides our writers will test products and services using a combination of hands-on products we’ve bought, research, asking independent experts and scrutinizing online reviews.

Where possible, we always try to attain any product that we feature to thoroughly test and learn before writing. We do this by buying the products directly. Unless in a clearly marked sponsored posting, we will only review products we purchased ourselves or that do not include caveats which could damage our impartiality.

For some, not all, guides we receive a small commission if you buy a product following our links. We include affiliate disclosures throughout the site highlighting this.

When reviewing a product we foremost try to establish if this works well for both the human and dog users. Our writers have access to several breeds and we try to highlight the breeds used where appropriate.

Our Team

K9Gadget’s team consists of a number of in-house writers, an external writers pool and guest contributors. You can see some of our in-house writers below..

Editor and Head Writer

Andrew Scott

Having worked in the technology sector for many years - he now immerses himself in all things dogs. Writes about subjects ranging from dog food to canine psychology with a little bit of pup technology thrown in. He's been writing for nearly 15 years on the topics he loves. Lives in London.